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YOTCF split / YOTCL vertical

YOTCP sinkage tank dual swirl type

YOTcp1250 central dissection

Guangdong Zhongxing Power Transmission Co., Ltd it is one of the production

bases of hydraulic couplers in China, the enterprise of State-Level Torch Program -- Efficient Energy-Saving Hydraulic Coupler Project, outstanding private

technology enterprises in China and key high-tech enterprise in State-Level ....

"Fighting outbreaks" Guangdong Zhongxing Power Transmission Co., Ltd., the governing unit of the Provincial Economic and Business Association, set up an epidemic prevention and control team to combat the epidemic.
The outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus poses a major challenge to enterprises both in terms of operation and management. Guangdong Zhongxing Hydropower Transmission Co., Ltd., the governing unit of the Provincial Economic and Enterprise Association, thoroughly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on resolutely winning the epidemic prevention and control fight and the central, provincial, and municipal governments' efforts to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection The decision-making and deployment of Guangdong Zhongxing Hydro Transmission Co., Ltd.
Technological innovation helps development , Zhongxing Power Makes Achievements
In 2019, under the correct guidance of the company's board of directors and the company's senior management, the company's corporate research and development institute, corporate technology center, an
Zhongxing's two products passed the certification of Guangdong Province
Good news came from the Guangdong Provincial High-tech Enterprise Association's “Notice on Promulgating the List of Approved High-tech Products in Guangdong Province in 2019” (Yuegao Enterprise Associ